Detroit Yoga Lab’s 200RYT Certified Teacher Training is extensive, organized and knowledgeable. You will super charge your own practice and spiritual development while preparing to intelligently and confidently guide others. The training was created by Naomi Gold who studies with internationally recognized vinyasa teachers Jason Crandell, Tiffany Cruikshank, Kia Miller and Kathryn Budig. The 6 key tenets of this training are:

Smart Sequencing: How to Plan Smart + Effective Classes

Practice Teaching: Find your voice and learn cues to guide a mindful, functional + alignment driven class

Philosophy: Dig into the Yoga Tradition and develop daily rituals to feel more connected to your body, head + heart while reducing the feelings of stress, pressure and conformity of the outside world.

Meditation: Find a practice that works for you. We will dive into the Sacred Mantras, Mudras + Pranayama breathing techniques

Technical Alignment: Learn how your (and students) bodies are unique and understand how to help different bodies access different poses

Daily Practice: Your asana practice will grow to a new level during this training



Attending Detroit Yoga Lab's 200 hour YTT in 2016 has turned out to be an incredible gift to myself, that I hope to give back to others through growing into becoming a teacher myself. Naomi's training program is deeply rooted in understanding the anatomy of asana. Through learning about the body in discussion, lecture, and in practice, I was able to gain a clearer comprehension of not only my own form in yoga practice, but also understand language and cuing in teaching that promotes a healthy and sustainable practice for students. While thorough, Naomi makes understanding anatomy relatable and practical, and isn't over complicated or over simplified. In addition to the great attention to the physical practice of yoga and learning skills of teaching, the training was a personal journey of growth for me individually, and together as a group. We learned the philosophy and history of yoga and discussed its applications to our own current lives. Naomi helped facilitate a safe space for sharing our experiences with each other. Attending each day in my training program felt like a haven of yoga/anatomy/self-growth/learning that I didn't want to end! For anyone who wants to begin their journey of understanding yoga on a more detailed level, whether you want to teach or not, I highly recommend Naomi's program!

Audrey J.

This training really opened my eyes to what Yoga teaching is truly about. I thought that teaching yoga was just calling out various postures and poses with breath. I had no idea the amount of time and preparation it takes to build a class. It was such an awesome and informative training it's hard for me to just name a couple of things that helped prepare me to teach. If I could sum it up: the teachers always were reassuring each of us as we taught, not one time did I feel discouraged or talked down to. The approach to understanding anatomy was very practical and easy to understand, especially in direct relation to the asana techniques. The knowledge I obtained about the physical and mental practice of yoga increased my love for yoga and life! If you want to understand more about your mind and body it’s time to take a leap and dive into this training.

Howard S.

Naomi describes her YTT program as “Smart, Integrated, and Honest,” which is a perfect description. Expect evidence-based anatomy discussions that make sense and can be applied directly into your observation, teaching and practice. Read traditional and modern yoga texts from respected authors, and discuss them in everyday terms and thread them into your everyday life. Get honest with yourself about what you can and can’t do. Find the space to challenge yourself or back off. Make mistakes teaching, and then get better. Change your mind, or strengthen your convictions. Do all this in a safe, non-dogmatic space where you can grow and learn with amazing fellow students.This program is hard. It’s a lot of work. In fact, I’m still working on it. But my practice is solid, I’m a better leader in my work life, and my personal relationships are deeper and more open. I’m confident and comfortable.

Laura G.